What is the turn-around time?
This depends on a few things, including the materials needed for the job and their availability, and the complexity of the job itself. We’ll give you a clear idea of when you can expect to receive a finished item during your consultation, and keep you updated as best we can should things change. Typically, we find that most prints, posters and canvases can be completed within two to three weeks due to our average workload.
Do you offer rush orders?
Within reason, yes - it’s almost always impossible for us to do a same-day service; but it’s always worth asking, if we can, we will. However, it may be possible for us to return something to you within a week, providing our workload at the time permits this. If we have to place an urgent order with a supplier to get something back to a customer quickly, we reserve the right to charge the customer for expedited picking/packing and/or shipping options offered by our supplier.
What types of payment do you accept? When is payment due?
That depends on the type of customer you are: UK-based private customers are required to pay a 50% (minimum) deposit when an order is placed; the remaining 50% balance is payable upon collection. Cash and all major debit, credit and charge cards are accepted - including American Express, which will do nicely, thank you. UK-based corporate customers may pay via invoice only when a purchase order number or other appropriate authorisation is supplied at the time the order is placed; all invoices will be for the total due. If our corporate clients are unable to pay via invoice, the deposit and balance scheme described above may apply. International private or corporate customers (yes, we do get them) may pay with any major debit, credit or charge card online via a payment link; however, payment in full is required at the time the order is placed.
Do you offer discounts?
Typically, no. It might surprise you but, as a small business, we don’t get anywhere near the same kind of discounts from our suppliers as the Big Guys - that means there isn’t a huge saving somewhere we can pass on to our customers. However, if we’re using a lot of the same moulding for a framing job, or we find we can be economical with the materials we have in stock, we can typically work something out and offer some discount - not always, though.
Can I get my finished piece delivered to me?
At this time, we’re only able to arrange limited deliveries to Winchester-based customers with accessibility issues. We simply don’t have the resources to offer a regular delivery service beyond this. If you need a specific art courier solution, or if we believe this is appropriate for your piece(s), we’ll be happy to make recommendations based on our previous experience.
Can you install my framed piece for me?
We don’t offer any hanging or installation services at this time. We can often give you some advice on how you might best hang something, but we’d recommend hiring a reputable tradesperson if you want or need anything hung professionally.
Do you offer printing services? I have digital photos that I’d like to get framed.
We don’t offer any printing services at this time. We’ve worked with a couple of Winchester-based companies over the years who have always provided great service and superior products, and we’ll be more than happy to point you in their direction during your consultation.
Do you offer art restoration services?
We don’t offer any art restoration services at this time. Some people are quite insistent we take on such work, but we always manage to put them off by reminding them of the Jesus fresco disaster. No one wants that to happen to a beloved piece of art. We can, however, give you some advice on where to start looking for a conservator-restorer during your consultation
Can I use my existing frame, but update the mount and glass?
Absolutely - you’d be amazed what a new mount and some new glass can do for a picture. Not sure if you need a new mount? Have a look at the hole that was cut for the picture: If the exposed edge is discoloured, you might consider replacing the mount. We can also switch artworks between some frames, by cutting an appropriate mount. We’ll be happy to talk with you about this during a consultation.